Monday, January 12, 2009

Geting the tree down

Now this is what happened later that day. Before we could get the living room cleaned we had to take down the Christmas tree. Now this year my tree was really big. It was so big that at the top it had to bend to fit. I could have cut it but I thought it gave it character. I'll put a picture in as soon as I can figure out how to get off my new phone. ( which in my case it may take years.) I had to get more lights for it and then wound up blowing a fuse near the top of the tree I think. So it was only lit in the middle and at the bottom. It had lights on it everywhere that was just the places that worked. Terry wasn't here this year to put up the tree or it would had been made to fit the house. Well it was funny watching us bring in the tree. It was funnier watching me and the kids take down the tree. First of all I found out that I'm allergic to the needles on the tree. They give me big welts and itch. The tree was really mad at being taken down because it started to leak a lot of sap. Didn't help much. It also started letting a lot of needles fall everywhere. It was like like it was shooting it at us. We finally did the 1, 2, 3 thing and got it lifted off the stand. ( we are a bunch of wimps at our house.) then we started for the door. We were going the wrong way so it seemed like the tree was fighting us and trying to stay in. We got needles everywhere. As we got to the door we figured out that not all of us were going to fit at once so I had to let go and hope that the kids could carry it out by themselves. This tree is about 11-13 ft tall. I thought for sure they were going to drop it but no they managed to get out the door and to the outside. It was comical to watch because graceful it was not. Elijah surprised me because he actually carried most of the weight. Even though Kira will tell you it was her. So not true. Aaron was in the middle and Kira brought up the rear. They finally managed to get it to the side and then they had to push it up further in the snow. The boys wound up doing this because it involved more snow. When we got back there were pine needles everywhere. Some had gone down my shirt. That hurt. I don't know how but some had gotten down Aaron's pants. I'm sure that didn't feel good either. During this time Isabelle had gone to the bathroom by herself. (That is a good thing) The down side to this is she didn't put her underwear back on and was about to sit in a bunch of pine needles because she liked them. We got to her in the nick of time. Because I'll tell you what that would have hurt something awful. We finally got the living room cleaned with out that many beatings. We were still on the high of getting down the tree. Our house seems a little bit empty now that it's gone though. I think that it's that way every year we take it down. Cleaning the kitchen is a whole other story. We still haven't gotten all the way done from when Terry decided to rearrange things. On rearranging all he did was take things down and out and then left them there meaning to get back to them but never did because other things got in the way. Sometime short attention span. ( Really nice way of saying he made and a mess and didn't clean it up.) Did get Noah's and Isabelle's room cleaned. Now it's just the basement and bathrooms. All the big people have to clean their rooms themselves. My kids say that they miss the days when I cleaned their rooms for them. I would say the same of my mom but she never cleaned it for me. The thing that I can count on for today is Noah rubbing my arms to de stress after pre-school. Isabelle rubbing my cheek when something upsets her. Elijah forgetting to tell me about all his homework. Aaron forgetting his Cello. Kira not being interested in anything I have to say after school.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The day of being mean. Let the beatings begin.

Today is the day that we all start cleaning the house. I know it's a little late but we still have to take down the Christmas tree. The kids haven't shown any interest in working. Surprise! Surprise! We shall see how well we do today. Hopefully not that many beatings. Let the games begin!

Friday, January 9, 2009

You know how there are always things that you can count on during your day. We all have them. Like I know today will be just as busy as yesterday was. I'll have a million and one things to do and only get (if I'm lucky) 20 of them to do so that means that tomorrow I'll have to add all the others things to that day and I'm already behind. Something to look forward to. (laughing) The other things that I can count on is that there isn't going to be enough time to do everything. But I'll try anyway. I'll still have a messy house at the end of the day no matter how hard I try. The kids will have a thousand and one crisis that have to be taken care right now. The great thing about that is that right now together we can take care of most of them. There will always be homework or something else to do. The time that I have left with each child gets limited all the time. I need to make the best of it. I need to pick my battles wisely. I can only do what I can and let the rest go by. All this being said I'll go and start my day. Because today can only be better that yesterday because I get to do all these things and spend time with the kids. Now time to make lunch for Noah and Isabelle. This is the weekend we have a new schedule to keep. Or least trying. We are going to get all the cleaning done before Sunday. Translated means that I get to mean Mom until it gets done so that we can have fun on Monday. Kira has a friend coming over tomorrow to do a project. Will write back later.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a day

Today started off okay but quickly everything went down the drain. I can feel my sanity slipping away and then coming back for a visit. Today Kira didn't get her power point to save on one of those little scan disk thingies. Aaron had already left for orchestra along with Elijah. That left me and the babies (which are not really babies anymore. They are 3 and 5. It's just easier to refer to them as that.) to figure out how to save it. The new computer I got for Christmas my 3 year daughter has managed to put something in the usb port that keeps my computer beeping and telling there is something wrong with it so it will not recognize the f drive which is what we need to save Kira's powerpoint on. My WONDERFUL husband calls me at this moment which is a good thing because I need help. He talks me through saving and trying to fix my computer. I finally got Kira's powerpoint saved. I was VERY happy. Haven't managed to fix the usb port problem yet. Still working on that. During the whole time on the phone Isabelle is calling for me to pay attention to her. I can only multi-task so many things. the phone dies and haven't been able to get a hold of him since. All this was before 9:00 am this morning. have been going and fixing things since then.