Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aaron has earned his Arrow of Light

The reason why the bog is decorated the way it is. Drum roll. You guessed it by the title right? Yes. My son with a lot of hard work has earned his Arrow of light. He also has gotten all his compass points and he has earned every pin in Weblos. Good job Aaron. Unfortunately he will not be receiving them tonight like he was suppose to. He has a scheduling conflicting problem. he needs to perform a play tonight and nothing can be changed so he will get to June 30th. Sad but true. I'll take pictures and video. now that I know how to work it. Promise the video will be shorter. I'll figure it out. so If I survive the next two nights then I'll change the blog appearance again. All I have to do is get through soccer practice, making dinner,cleaning the church,dropping off Aaron, getting things ready for scouts. Tomorrow having a soccer game, scouts, and sending the older kids to mutual. Oh did I mention my dryer broke yesterday and I still have laundry to do!!! Not to mention Elijah got sick and throw up all over his bed @ 5:00 am. He did manage to get some on Aaron's pillow. i was suppose to go shopping for one today, but who needs clean clothes. I'm just lucky that Grandpa is coming to my rescue tomorrow to help me with scouts.

Brandon Mull anyone?

All this for just a picture. Smile please.I'm so happy I'm crying. No more waiting!!! We can go home.Tada the man we've been waiting for!! We were able to go to the Fablehaven book party. It was fun. They were able to get their books signed. We had a blast but I forgot to take pictures. Well we got a book for Jared and Kira decided that she wanted to get a set just for her. He was going to be at Costco and we waited in another line. This seemed to take forever. But hey this time I got pictures. He is such a nice guy. His hand probably hurt and he stayed until there were no more people. They shut down the line at 2:00pm and he was there until about 4:00pmNoah in the beginning with a messy mug.Are we there yet?We can see him!
I'm here now what do I do?

Moms shouldn't take time outs

When we had gotten back from Virgina I was tired and all the stress seem to be keeping me going left. I was playing with the kids, and asked to take a time out. I put on a show for them. It was awfully quite (never a good sign.) I got up when I heard the water running in the bathroom. I asked Isabelle what she was doing. She told me that she was washing her mustache off. I thought that was weird but I went downstairs to do laundry. When I got upstairs I saw her face. She had drawn on it with a black marker. If you looked at her from a distance she looked like she had two black eyes. It looked like somebody beat her pretty bad. All I could do was laugh. She didn't like it so much when it wouldn't come off. So it had to wear off. This is the reason why my friends moms don't take time outs.

Is school almost over? No but got braces off!!

I can't believe that the school year is almost over. I want it end already. Though then it does get pretty busy with the last minute things. Notice how it's always busy. No matter what. What ever happened to stopping to smell the roses. Taking a break from it all. The world really won't stop. Then maybe it would. Can't take that chance. Well anyway there has been a lot of things going on here. I've been sick,busy,tired or all three to do any writing. So I'm taking a little bit of a break now and the world still seems to be going on.
First of all these are the cute Noah saying for the last 2 weeks. He had come home from school one day. We were talking about his day. When he told me this. "Mom." " Yes Noah." "Do you know what?" "No Noah. What?" I'm thinking that it will be a riddle or joke. "I have a girlfriend." "Really Noah" "Yeah, and I'm a boyfriend. Kelsee told me today that she was my girlfriend and that I was her boyfriend." "I'm really glad that she told me because I would have never have known if she didn't" "Wow! I'm a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend." That was pretty cute because all of a sudden Isabelle has a boyfriend also.
We were driving home from soccer games. We had drove past a yard sell. I told the kids that we didn't need anything from the sell. Aaron suggested that we sell one of the kids. I asked which one he suggested Elijah. I said no way we would need at least 2.5 million just to break even before we could even as for a price. He then suggested Kira I said we would need 50-500,000 before we would break even. The older kids then suggested Aaron . I said no to that because he was my go to guy for cleaning. Nobody wanted to sell Isabelle. At this time Noah piped in saying You can't sell me because I'm handsome and talented. We all laughed but he was really serious. This last week was really big for Kira because she got her braces off. There were no maybe this month and it not being it. She did a really good job with it. I got pictures and video of it. Yeah you guys get to watch it.
She also had her debate banquet. I can't believe that she is going to be a sophmore next year.

I have planned the first couple of weeks of summer already because we will be going to Virgina. The kids will miss the last day of school. They seem to be more upset about that than excited to be going to Virgina. Kira is of course already stressed about it.
Amazing enough I had a whole to say but now I don't. I am pretty excited that we will be seeing Terry soon. It's sad that he missed Noah's graduation.

Isabelle's new boobs

While in Virgina we not only looked at houses but we were able to go swimming a lot. Thank goodness for an indoor pool. It helped a lot. Unfortunately I needed a new swimsuit. This is what every person wants to do, is look for a new swimsuit. Amazingly it was pretty easy for me this time. The swimsuit happened to come on a mini shaped body. I put it into the trash and Isabelle come out with it and says to Noah. "Hey Noah, do you like my new boobs?" Noah didn't know what to say. He had to think about this for a minute and then looked at her and his eyes became wide. "Izza are they yours." She replied yes. "Wow! They look great. They're hard not like mom's and Kira's. I just had to laugh at this. I also had to count my blessings because this could have so taken place with a bigger audience. Some of the best times were when we able to put the kids to sleep. Isabelle had had a long day and was playing on the table when she was out like a light. It was pretty funny. Terry thought that she was faking it. He went to check on her and sure enough she was dead to the world.

So You're Moving to Virgina.

I am so glad that everybody knows that we're moving except us. When we know we will definitely tell everybody but as of right now we are staying put. All except for Terry he is in Virgina.

36 Houses in 12 Hours

Nobody should go and see that many houses in that little of time. That is including travel time.
The kids were very happy to start with buy by the end of the first day they didn't want to see another house. The only way that we got through it was to promise them that we would go swimming afterward. Not to mention that it was raining the whole time. In and out of the rain. They did like getting into the puddles. Well they were not too happy when we had to tell them we were going back the next day. We found some pretty nice houses. But like they say there's no place like home. They were too little, too squishy,too dark, not enough room or didn't have enough rooms and really pricey for us. For Noah and Isabelle it was that they were too dark and some were really smelly. We did look at another house another time but it didn't have enough storage and we just weren't sure. Looking at houses should not be this stressful. I didn't bring myself anything to relieve the stress and so I wound up getting hives. Luckily just on my legs and stomach. The kids just didn't want to look at another house again!! Who could blame them.