Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aaron the Newest 7th Grader

Hello, I thought that I would just share some pictures of Aaron's graduation. I'm thinking that he took most of these himself. He did like taking pictures of himself. He is such a cutie. Maybe we should get him a camera for his birthday. Must not have looked good the first time

Different smile I think?Maybe this will do the trick? Girls I don't know. More people I don't know.
Josh and friend. The 7th grade is going to be in trouble.
His teacher Mrs. Wright. Who wasn't always. Somebody else I don't know This is Destiny, she had a lot to say I just didn't understand any of it. She mumbled through the whole thing. It had to be pretty scary up there.
All of that just took about 30 minutes and then he was promoted. He wasn't too happy about it though he is very happy for summer to began and his birthday. First a camping trip he isn't looking forward to.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Had to do it.

I think the yellow will be easier to read on the red for now. I guess I could use black but then what would be the fun in that. I had to put up the new wallpaper for now. It will be in just until after the movie which is the end of June then I'll change it. Want everybody to know that it is hard to type with long nails. They are getting shorten on Wednesday. I am trying to figure out how to make my blog look nicer. My new goal is to write in more than once every 11 months. I started to write about my trips but have lost them somehow. Now I have to start over. I'll do that tomorrow when I'm with Elijah at the hospital doing his annual heart checkup. Had to scared there for a second didn't I with the mention of hospital. By the way Elijah just informed us that he doesn't like to be called Liege in public anymore so now I'm trying to call him Eli. i don't think that he likes that name either. It's going to take a little getting use to but then again maybe he'll let us call him Ligie. Heck I don't even know how to spell it. Need to get some sleep. Try again tomorrow.


New little gel toes

Our beautiful model is Isabelle. You can see that she has pink in her hair.
Light pink.

Dark pink better known as magenta

Now to the glitter toes
or hands

or maybe a little or both

Doesn't she have cute toes?

She couldn't pick a color so we did as many as she liked. Unfortunately she didn't have that many toes and fingers.