Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th of July Race

Normally the 4th comes and it goes. It is always a day we look forward too. This year we really looked forward to it. Terry was coming home and so were Chad and Darrin. It has been a family tradition to run the 5k. Normally the boys and grand kids have ran it. Lately, the sister-in-laws have been running it also. Well, this year on a fluke I decided to run it. We all know that I don't run. I don't even exercise on a regular basis. I am basically a couch potato. I can tell you what shows come when they come on and what it going to happen next. This year I decided to run it. I have no idea why. I came in second to last in my division I am pretty sure. The only thing is that I didn't want to come in last. Well I made that goal. I was feeling pretty good in the beginning. I did plan on walking the whole way to the end. I didn't make that goal because it was down hill and it was easier to run. I almost ran the whole way.( When I say that I ran all the way translation is it was slightly faster than a walk it could almost be considered speed walking except they are faster. Sad but true.) My face felt like it was about to explode. I kept feeling it getting hotter and hotter. Kim kept telling me I looked fine. I was a little more out going than I normally am. I do think that I might have embarrassed Kim a little. Though I do have to admit I did like it when they would cheer. I know that I'm going to be sore tomorrow and the next day. Maybe I'll train for this for next year. ( Then again maybe not). I was very happy that I finished it. I talked about all the way home from the park. Aaron said I was bragging but I was just happy that I finished. I was very proud of myself. So proud of myself that I made Zac give me his medal that he won. I didn't realize that I knew so many people. Maybe if I knew that I would see all those people I wouldn't have run. I am happy that I was healthy enough to get and say that I'm going to run and be able to do it. You have to count your blessings when you can. Though at the end when I had to take my number off I did ask the lady to come to me to get it. Steve thought it was funny. Then again so did the rest of them. I did leave Libby. Like I said I totally expected to walk the whole way but it was easier to run because it was all down hill except the last little way. I do think that Libby was mad at me for leaving her. I have been creaking and moving very slowly it feels like I'm about 6 months pregnant. Holly cow. But I didn't think that cows were big enough. So by the end I was saying Holly whale because it was the biggest mammal that I could think of. After the race though I was sweaty and not glowy. I think that I like the glowy instead of sweaty part of it. The night before I tried to get the younger girls to run they didn't. After I did then they all said we should have ran in the race. This maybe a nice tradition for the girls also. We'll see. I did have fun. I'm in a little bit of pain now. I'm sure that I will be in a little bit of pain for the next 2 day.( Or a lot more) We'll see how I do in church tomorrow. There was a part that I had to slap the kids five and I didn't slap Noah or Isabelle so I had to go back and slap them. I know that I surprised Kira that I actually finished and did the race. Though I did try to get Kira to take my number and finish the race for me. She refused. Next year I'm sure she is going to smoke my butt. Then again who says I have to run next year. In the words of Scarlet that's another day.

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  1. Yay Pauline! I had so much fun running with you. You definitely distracted me from the race and made it lots more fun than it would have been!