Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can we say S T R E S S E D ! ! !

I have been getting ready to go and see Terry in Virgina. He came out to see us for his birthday. (Which also happens to be a day later than Kiras) It was busy when he came out because Kira had state in debate on his birthday and that Saturday as well. Elijah had a field trip out to a train museum. All we had was the 3 youngest. It was pretty quite for the most part. The kids were having playing with their dad. He couldn't go anywhere with out them. He'd turn around and almost step on them they were that close. As much as he loves them after a while he had had his fill. Not to mention every time he was still most of the time he would be sitting down he would start to fall asleep. We would hear him blowing bubbles and then then the finally the snoring would start in. Of course whenever we called him on it he would deny it. This is how things went most of the morning.Things started to get crazy when it was time for all the kids to come home. Elijah came home first. It is amazing how quite the house is with out him. It always seems louder when he's home. Mainly because he is a pot stirrer. He had a fun time at the museum. Then Kira instead of calling me decided to text me a lot. ( Which is weird because unlike me I would rather talk she would rather text. She doesn't really talk on the phone. She answers with one word if possible. But when she texts she is a lot more talkative if that is possible.) Since I found out that the world revolves around Terry and Kira (mostly Kira) which I'm sure most of the world did not know. Just in case you are the few who think that it revolves around you I'm here to tell you that it doesn't. Kira wanted to know when her Birthday dinner was going to be. Mainly because wanted he father to be here for it. She thinks that her father came home especially for her birthday. Little does she know that he came home for his. Nothing to do with her. When she reads this though it will still be about her though. She wasn't coming home until around 6:30 -7:00 from the bus. We had asked if we could pick her up because her father wanted to take everybody out for birthday dinners this year. Because, Kira was taking so long on the debate trip and she didn't want us to pick her up we were stuck waiting. So now we are in a rush to make her dinner and cake before she came home. Being Kira she couldn't make up her mind until the very last minute on whether to be picked up or not. We didn't get to eat until 8:00 and everybody was in bed by 10:00. It was a crazy night. The next day we had to get Terry ready to leave and all of his stuff that he had taken out back and packed. It was daylight savings time this weekend. While everybody had lost 1 hour he was losing 3. 1 to the time change and 2 to the time difference. He wasn't looking forward to going back. We went tot the airport for the first time as a family. Normally it's only just me. I stopped taking the little kids because they would cry a lot. It was really hard on them. Not this time. We took all the kids (all but Kira because she's too old) in they went up and down the elevators and escalators. Kira kept calling them dorks for liking it so much. The boys were fascinated by the glass elevators. When it was time for us to leave the kids were very sad. The rest of the week was spent getting us ready for our trip to Virgina. Let me tell it it wasn't pretty. We had to clean the whole house, do the laundry, take out the trash, get homework done, pick up glasses , learn how to put in contacts buy luggage and pack. I had to arrange the kids schedules and tell people that we weren't going to be around. I also had to calm the oldest and tell her everything was going to be okay several times. I think that she was more stressed then everybody else (including me who had to travel cross country with the 2 younger ones.) Kira was so stressed that she kept telling me that everything was going to be alright. I think that this made her feel better. Well we got through almost everything. Thanks to Elijah the dishes all got washed and for the most part put away. The babies room got cleaned up and then messed up again. We got all the laundry done and most of it got packed into different suitcases. Though we did stay up late most of the time.

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