Saturday, February 28, 2009

School stuff with kids

The things that I can count on is now that the school is 1/2 way done I'm spending more time in the classes or at the schools than I did when I was in school. If I'm in Aaron's class helping with math then I'm driving to and from High school for Kira sometimes 3 times a day. Then it's off to the jr. high to get Elijah or drop him off. Poor Noah and Isabelle they don't want to go anymore. They are tired of it. I told them it would only be for a little while longer.
Kira has a mock trial the rest of this week and is going to state in debate. She is kinda of excited about it they only thing that isn't so great is that she will miss some time with her father. This week is also her birthday. She will be 15 and wants to be driving. I don't know what's scarier her driving or her turning 15. The combination is not calming. I can't complain she is turning into a great young lady. Somewhere Terry and I did okay. Now I have to find the patience to go driving with her. I'm making Terry be the first one to take her on the road. I also want to tape it so that they both can enjoy later. Maybe I'll be putting it on You tube. We'll see how this all works. It should be interesting. It will also be a test on how well Terry will be as a teacher of driving. We'll see how cool he has. Aaron is afraid very afraid. Though now he wants lesson in case of an emergency. He has a whole scenario planned out. I get knocked out Kira is badly wounded. Elijah can't drive for some reason. So he has to come and save the day. He needs to know how to drive. He won't be able to reach the pedal and see over the steering wheel. I pointed that out to him. He said he didn't think about that part.
Aaron is going to state in his science fair project. He is so excited. He won 1st place at his school and won third at district but at least he is going to state. I hope that he does well.
Elijah is doing better in school. (at least for this week) I can only hope for one thing at a time. So all is well here for a while. It's the weekend and everybody doesn't want to do anything. Isabelle has decided that she wants to be in charge. She has taken control of the whole house hold. Now she is relaxing in the bath. She does know how to boss Kira around. It is kinda of cute watching her boss Kira around. She yells at Elijah and tells him what to do. She whines to Aaron and she really doesn't even try to boss Noah. If she needs Noah to do something either asks,whine, or yells. Whatever she needs to get the job done.
I still won't be getting the house clean and we won't be able to do much when it's all said and done. Terry is coming back on his birthday yeah us. We get to go down there in a couple of weeks. Gotta go now.

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