Monday, May 18, 2009

Things that happen in and on airplanes should stay in airplanes

Noah my master of sayings and stuff. I was very tired when I last wrote. (But then again when am I not tired.) I don't know if many of you know this but Noah has a HIGHLY sensitive nose. He'll go and see the animals but he has his nose in his shirt the whole time. Well on the plane as we were getting ready to get off we were waiting in line as you would normally would. Noah and Isabelle are talking when all of a sudden I hear this.( mind you they are very loud talkers)
Isabelle I smell something do smell something? Isabelle smelling the air. Yeah Noah I smell something too. Noah. Isabelle did you tooted? No Noah I didn't tooted. Are you sure you didn't tooted! No! No I didn't tooted! Now by this time there are people other than me who are interested in this conversation between a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old. Izza I mean did you fart? Now Isabelle is almost in tears. NO! NOAH I DID NOT FART!!! Well, if it's not you and mom is back there than I think it was her. ( He is now pointing to the nicely dressed lady in front of him. Now I'm horrified so I make them get back into their seats. I tried to explain to Noah that it is not very nice nor is it polite to say things like that to other people. Noah then says to me that it wasn't very nice for to have farted in his face. What do you say to that? I then tired to get them to talk about something else. This is taking a long time to get off this plane. When the line starts moving Noah and Isabelle get back into line and Noah yells Hurry up already it stinks back here!!! Now the people that were following this conversation lost it. They just sat back in their seats and started to laugh. The stewardess all giggled and told Noah what a joy it was to have him. We made it off the plane and Noah says that was one stinky plane and hoped the next one wouldn't smell that bad.
Now it's time to go on our next plane. There was a lady that thought they were just the cutest things ever. ( After the last plane it's up in the air on that one.) She kept on coming down to where we were and talking to the kids. After she left Noah ask." Mom am I famous." I told him yes he seemed to be pretty happy with that. One of the best things about this plane ride is that they finally slept. It made it seem easier.

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