Tuesday, May 19, 2009

36 Houses in 12 Hours

Nobody should go and see that many houses in that little of time. That is including travel time.
The kids were very happy to start with buy by the end of the first day they didn't want to see another house. The only way that we got through it was to promise them that we would go swimming afterward. Not to mention that it was raining the whole time. In and out of the rain. They did like getting into the puddles. Well they were not too happy when we had to tell them we were going back the next day. We found some pretty nice houses. But like they say there's no place like home. They were too little, too squishy,too dark, not enough room or didn't have enough rooms and really pricey for us. For Noah and Isabelle it was that they were too dark and some were really smelly. We did look at another house another time but it didn't have enough storage and we just weren't sure. Looking at houses should not be this stressful. I didn't bring myself anything to relieve the stress and so I wound up getting hives. Luckily just on my legs and stomach. The kids just didn't want to look at another house again!! Who could blame them.

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