Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grades and Kissess

Not a lot has happened in the last month. The things I can always count on is getting sick when you least want it. Then again I don't know when getting sick is good. Okay when your younger if you have a test or something you don't want to then getting sick is good. As a mom there is no sick leave. Nobody tells you that when you are going up. I mean you don't really think about it. I guess you always knew it the back of your head. So I'm telling you guys right now that Moms don't get sick days or sick leave. Well maybe you will get a couple of hours but most likely it's just going to be minutes. Well almost everybody in my family has been sick. Kira got strep and didn't tell anybody until we had to take her to the doctor. She probably infected a lot of her friends. Luckily none of us got it. I don't know if that was lucky actually. We got a really great cold instead. At least she could take antibiotics. We just have to suffer. As you can guess I have been sick this weekend. I felt bad for the kids because I couldn't take care of them like I wanted. Isabelle keep saying Mommy you feel good. Then she put her hand on my head and said you'll feel better in a minute. It was so cute. Unfortunately I didn't get better in a minute.
Good thing I have great older kids. They took the younger ones out to play. Kira and Elijah were gone for most of the day on Saturday. Aaron got to play with Noah and Isabelle until they came home. Noah and Isabelle were glad to see them.
I think what did me in was going to Elijah's parent teacher conference. He isn't doing too well in 3 of 7 classes. The reason is not that he can't do the work or that he didn't do it. It's that he isn't turning it in. It's sitting in his backpack or at the bottom of his locker or on his bedroom floor. He is getting a C in math because he didn't turn in his work. At least he is turning in some of it or he would be getting a F. He knows the math because his test scores show it. I was so mad that my immune system was down and WHAM O I got a bad or fabulous cold. That will teach me to be mad at my child. Now I just have to find a way to motivate him and everything will be okay.
Noah has been giving me kisses for my cold telling me that it will make me feel better. It does make me feel better. Isabelle has me calling her my talking baby. That her name for herself my talking baby. So when I'm sick I can call her Isabelle but when I'm better I have to call her my talking baby. How weird is that. This is something that is cute but kinda of weird because since Terry has been gone we have been using the computer to talk to him so that we can feel closer to him via web cam. So now Noah and Isabelle open up the computer and say Hi Daddy. When he's not in there they wonder where he's at. Funny huh. Well my medicine if finally wearing off so I can go to sleep. Will write more later.

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