Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aaron has earned his Arrow of Light

The reason why the bog is decorated the way it is. Drum roll. You guessed it by the title right? Yes. My son with a lot of hard work has earned his Arrow of light. He also has gotten all his compass points and he has earned every pin in Weblos. Good job Aaron. Unfortunately he will not be receiving them tonight like he was suppose to. He has a scheduling conflicting problem. he needs to perform a play tonight and nothing can be changed so he will get to June 30th. Sad but true. I'll take pictures and video. now that I know how to work it. Promise the video will be shorter. I'll figure it out. so If I survive the next two nights then I'll change the blog appearance again. All I have to do is get through soccer practice, making dinner,cleaning the church,dropping off Aaron, getting things ready for scouts. Tomorrow having a soccer game, scouts, and sending the older kids to mutual. Oh did I mention my dryer broke yesterday and I still have laundry to do!!! Not to mention Elijah got sick and throw up all over his bed @ 5:00 am. He did manage to get some on Aaron's pillow. i was suppose to go shopping for one today, but who needs clean clothes. I'm just lucky that Grandpa is coming to my rescue tomorrow to help me with scouts.

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