Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brandon Mull anyone?

All this for just a picture. Smile please.I'm so happy I'm crying. No more waiting!!! We can go home.Tada the man we've been waiting for!! We were able to go to the Fablehaven book party. It was fun. They were able to get their books signed. We had a blast but I forgot to take pictures. Well we got a book for Jared and Kira decided that she wanted to get a set just for her. He was going to be at Costco and we waited in another line. This seemed to take forever. But hey this time I got pictures. He is such a nice guy. His hand probably hurt and he stayed until there were no more people. They shut down the line at 2:00pm and he was there until about 4:00pmNoah in the beginning with a messy mug.Are we there yet?We can see him!
I'm here now what do I do?

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