Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Isabelle's new boobs

While in Virgina we not only looked at houses but we were able to go swimming a lot. Thank goodness for an indoor pool. It helped a lot. Unfortunately I needed a new swimsuit. This is what every person wants to do, is look for a new swimsuit. Amazingly it was pretty easy for me this time. The swimsuit happened to come on a mini shaped body. I put it into the trash and Isabelle come out with it and says to Noah. "Hey Noah, do you like my new boobs?" Noah didn't know what to say. He had to think about this for a minute and then looked at her and his eyes became wide. "Izza are they yours." She replied yes. "Wow! They look great. They're hard not like mom's and Kira's. I just had to laugh at this. I also had to count my blessings because this could have so taken place with a bigger audience. Some of the best times were when we able to put the kids to sleep. Isabelle had had a long day and was playing on the table when she was out like a light. It was pretty funny. Terry thought that she was faking it. He went to check on her and sure enough she was dead to the world.

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